Tourist Attractions in Mongolia

Tourist Attractions in Mongolia

Tourist Attractions in Mongolia

This country which is in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar has interesting tourist attractions that you need to visit. If you live close to Mongolia you can occasionally play in this place or deliberately visit this country. Some of these countries have places that are no less popular than in Japan or any other country.

Rarely does anyone know about tourist attractions in Mongolia? Even though the natural beauty and the museum attract the attention of many people. The following are tourist attractions in Mongolia

Hustai National Park

This tourist park in Hustai has a quite unique place. In contrast in Indonesia tourist attractions. The Hustai national park looks like it’s in a big and wide field and has a very unique place to visit. Those of you who are not just visiting the national park will definitely feel at home because of the natural atmosphere that is provided too. Fernandovonarb

  1. Gandantegchenling Monastery
    One of the historical places that you can visit. Lots of travelers and tourists come to the Gandantegchenling Monastery area. If you visit, don’t forget to come to see the temple that existed in 1809.
  2. Bogd Khan Palace Museum
    A museum that was used during the Bogd Khan era. The museum which has been a museum of world monuments watch for 3x. nowadays it is used as a temple and tourist visiting place.
  3. Khovsgol Lake
playing in the lake//temple

During the trip, you will encounter many unique buildings. Now you can go to a lake in Mongolia. You can find a beautiful lake at the top of the foot of Mount Sayan. Besides seeing the lake, you can see lots of neat stretches of grass filled with trees. Sitting relaxed under the trees can make you feel the gentle natural breeze and sleep well.

Gobi Desert
The largest desert in the world is in southern Mongolia. Those of you who are in the Gobi desert will surely see a desert that is incomparable. Especially when you are above the desert, there will definitely be interesting experiences that you can tell anyone.