Tourist Attractions In Myanmar

Tourist Attractions In Myanmar

Tourist Attractions In Myanmar

the country which has its capital in Naypyidaw attracts the attention of foreign and local tourists. What makes this tourist spot often visited is the uniqueness of the place and the beauty of the atmosphere. Not a few people come to this one tourist spot. Here are the tourist attractions in Myanmar

Inle Lake

It looks like an ordinary lake. But it wasn’t. Many Myanmar residents often hold competitions on Lake Inle. Of course, there are other things that make this lake often visited, namely the place where local residents work as catchers. To be able to catch fish, tourists must rent a boat first. Fernandovonarb

U Bein Bridge

For those who want to take nice photos in locations other than the beach, you can go to the U bein bridge in Myanmar. Because there is a sun going down that crosses the bridge, it really makes the bridge have a genic photo. Even though it’s not really visible what wood is used on the bridge in the afternoon, it’s so beautiful. Those of you who want to see the view of the bridge in the morning or evening can rent a boat to go around the bridge or lake.

Bagan Temple

Bagan Temple is not just any temple, there are many other destinations that will make you tired when going around the temple. The destinations in the temple are ancient palaces, and pagodas and there are also hot air balloon rentals that will make you feel very happy.

take a photo on the bridge//beautiful and gorgeous

Pindaya Cave
Who here is curious about the contents of the caves in Myanmar? The cave that you will visit is very large because there are 8 thousand Buddha images in it. It turns out that to enter Pindaya Cave, you have to pay an entry fee first.

  1. Ngali
    If you are bored with tourist attractions such as going to mountains, caves, or lakes, you can go to the beaches in Myanmar which are famous for being beautiful. Ngapali Beach has been toured with white sand and blue sea. This Ngapali place is a place that is often visited by any tourist.