Tourist attractions in Laos

Tourist attractions in Laos

Tourist attractions in Laos

Bolaven Plateau

in Laos, there are also places that present beautiful views. From above this location looks like a valley filled with water and rocks. If you are under rocks like a very short waterfall. Do not why this place is so beautiful because it is located next to the mountains.

Kuang Si Waterfall

Entering this place you will feel the spectacular natural beauty. It can be seen clearly that the water is blue to turquoise and accompanied by trees will make you fascinated. This waterfall with 3 levels is rarely encountered and the unique thing is the height of the waterfall is only 10 meters. Fernandovonarb

Vientiane night market

if you are bored with the beauty of nature and want to bring souvenirs home, then you have to visit this place. Because this place will invite you to hunt for food and shop. It’s not only food that you can hunt, but you can also track fashion or the games that have been provided.

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Mekong River

Want to visit the longest river in Southeast Asia, the Mekong River? For those of you who want to go around on this river, you can rent a boat. The capacity of the water in this river is indeed very large, so you need to be careful so that you don’t fall while boarding the boat.

Jang Cave
This cave in Laos is very unique because climbing the stairs takes courage. What is more beautiful in this cave is the spring. But to get to the spring requires a distance of approximately 50 meters to get there.