The pandemic hit the whole world

The pandemic hit the whole world

The pandemic hit the whole world

The pandemic hit the whole world, causing many victims to fall. Who would have thought that in 2019 the world was shocked by a virus that was able to kill many people? Of course, no one would have thought that this could happen. A small virus grew to become large and capable of killing dozens of people around the world.

Covid is another name for a virus that has managed to frighten the whole world. A virus that doesn’t know where it came from managed to kill many thousands of people. Right at the end of December, Covid hit China and Wuhan. Many people experience symptoms of high fever with cold stones at the same time.

It spreads fast

Fernandovonarb – Initially, it was thought that the symptoms were mild, but who would have thought that the virus would spread and affect many people? Nearly dozens of people have contracted covid and died. Of course, the first news broadcast around the world caused an uproar. The spread of the virus is so fast that healthy people are easily affected.

Not only in China, Wuhan, which is experiencing problems with the Covid virus, but almost the whole world has also contracted this deadly virus. due to the fast-spreading virus making the whole world make all the countries move fast. Create a temporary rule to prevent the virus from spreading freely.


suffered heavy casualties//atmosphere

Access to exit from each country is closed and cannot enter again. Of course, this makes many people unable to do anything. Each country makes several regulations that are almost the same:
Can’t leave the house
Not allowed to move
All activities carried out must maintain a distance
Using body armor and much more


Implementing a regulation keeps many people from leaving their homes and the city looks lonely. Not only for residents, the team of doctors also made several strict regulations by the government. Covid became the first virus that the whole world feared the most. The virus, which is present without this drug, has succeeded in bagging many victims.

Even so, the medical side still doesn’t give up, they are looking for ways to be free from the covid virus. Successfully developed a serum and shipped it worldwide. Not just one type of serum, there are already many types of serum available to help many people.