State of Qatar

State of Qatar

State of Qatar

Qatar became independent on September 3, 1971. A country that became a monarchy after becoming independent. Qatar of course got a protectorate from the British state to achieve independence. The country that previously had a population of around 27 thousand in 1904, but now in 2022. The population is recorded with a population of more than 3 thousand people. Even though at first the population of Qatar was relatively small, Qatar was able to pick up the economy. The country that is included in the highest income in the world is Qatar. Because the revenue comes from natural gas and oil.


Fernandovonarb – The average population in Qatar is Muslim for that to become the official religion in the country. Although there are many people who are Muslim, in Qatar there are also followers of other religions, namely Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others beliefs. Most of the Christian population in Qatar are Europeans because many Europeans work in Qatar.


This country, which is located in the capital city of Doha, has official languages, namely Arabic and English. Usually, English is used in trade. But in Qatar, in fact, it’s not just those 2 languages, but Persian, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tagalog, Indonesian, and any other languages ​​there. Of course, those of you who visit Qatar who doesn’t speak Arabic or English can use this alternative.

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Some facts about Qatar

Qatar has several facts that are rarely known by many people, namely
Richest country
Qatar was once the richest country before 2020 because of the jobs it has. But since there was a pandemic there has been a decline.


The people of Qatar are not burdened with tax income because the state income is already very large. For that why workers in the Middle East have a large income.

Safest country

Because the income is high and the population is easy to find work, the nature of crime is low. Apart from security, Qatar is also not easily triggered by an earthquake.

Weekend Friday Saturday

If in Indonesia the weekend is Saturday and Sunday, it is different from Qatar which provides Friday and Saturday weekends. Qatar’s population is predominantly Muslim. This is what makes the State of Qatar off on Saturdays and Sundays. So people in Qatar on Fridays focus on Friday prayers. For those of you who are on vacation in Qatar, choose a day other than Friday and Saturday. The day when all holiday traders do not sell.

Cheap fuel prices

Those of you who live in Qatar certainly don’t need to think about what value fuel is. Because it has a lot of oil so they sell it cheap. Because after all, the largest producer of petroleum is in Qatar, people don’t have to fight over oil and the price is still fairly safe.