A forbidden place cannot be entered by anyone

A forbidden place cannot be entered by anyone

A forbidden place cannot be entered by anyone

A forbidden place that no one can enter turns out to exist in this world. Earth is a beautiful planet that gives many surprises and unexpected things. Of the vastness of the earth, of course, there are some places that are not known by many people. A place that has never been touched or even inhabited by humans. A forbidden place cannot be entered by anyone

This made many experts curious and wanted to research the place. A clearly written prohibition as if the place is indeed very dangerous and deadly. Only true experts could visit and research the forbidden place. A forbidden place that no one can enter. A place that no one except the regional leader can open anymore.

Of course, all of you are curious about places where access is locked and no one enters. The following names and closed places are:

Snake Island

Fernandovonarb – Snake Island or often called Lha da Queimada Grande is an island located on the coast of Brazil. Be careful when stranded on this island because you might not make it out alive. Snake Island is a paradise island for snakes. There are many types of snakes available on this Brazilian beach. from small snakes to the most venomous snakes in the world also exist on this island.


can’t survive//snake island

An island that is very close to the outside world. There are many people who still use the old system of thinking. They live on an island far from the influence of modern style. Di dalam pulau tersebut terdapat banyak sekali orang yang sukunya berbeda di sana. Orang luar di larang masuk oleh siapa pun. There have been several attempts to find out about this sentinel island. It’s just that the business did not go well because those who live on Sentinel Island often throw arrows at helicopters.


a bustling city inhabited by many thousands of people. The place is one part of the North Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The people living in Chernobyl experienced some unexpected events. There were several nuclear bombs that landed there causing the city to become a radioactive city and also a ghost town.

Heard islands

Island is located in the middle of Australia and South Africa. An island that still has active and dry mountains. No human lives on this Heard island. that inhabit this place are several different species of birds that live on this island.