This country, which has the capital city of Llivia, is, of course, familiar because there are many people who often visit this place for holidays and looking for peace in life. Spain has several traditions that are rarely known by many people. You are curious what is the uniqueness? Here is the uniqueness of the traditions of the Spanish culture

Dancing De La Mort

Dancing De La Mort is the meaning of the dance of death so the costumes used are human skeletons. Not just wearing costumes to dance, but later the dancers beat the drums carrying a cross. This dance can end if there is a skull carrying a box of ashes. Because of the death dance, the dancers perform the dance at night, which is from midnight to the morning. Fernandovonarb

New year

When celebrating the new year, the Spanish people wear red clothes. Of course, the red shirt is a sign of good luck. In addition to wearing red clothes, it turns out that the Spaniards have to eat grapes 1 when the exact day changes.


In Spain people of course give lunch and nap times to stimulate the brain. By taking a nap, the brain can work smoothly. Taking a nap is called a siesta.

Baby jump
rare tradition//jump

In Spain, there is a ritual about jumping babies so that a baby who is placed on a mat will later have a young man do the jump. But it’s not just jumping, but later it will be accompanied by the sound of drums being sounded. If the drums have sounded then you can jump.


Tomatima has a unique tradition. An event where lots of ripe tomatoes are prepared. Of course, the tomatoes are not for eating but used to throw each other. The event took place with great joy. Tomatina held for a week. There are several parades, dance music, and fireworks to enliven the event. To be able to see the Tomatina event, you have to come on Wednesday at the end of August.

If you visit Spain on the right day, of course, you can experience unique events. The unique event will make the audience as well as the person making the move happy.