The pandemic that once hit the world

The pandemic that once hit the world

The pandemic that once hit the world

The pandemic that has hit the world is not just corona. it turns out that there have been several pandemics that have caused many people to suffer and die. The spread of this disease is not only in humans but also occurs in animals. A pandemic that has succeeded in making many people afraid and confused about how to handle it.

As a result of the pandemic that continues to hit the world, many people have died. The population is decreasing very quickly as a result of the pandemic. A great threat that can make signs – the signs of the doomsday world. It is known by several world records that it is not only Covid that is dangerous. However, there have been several pandemics that have succeeded in making the world cry and fear.

Dangerous viruses

Fernandovonarb – Of course, those of you who have followed world news know the types of diseases that have succeeded in killing many people. For those of you who don’t know, here are some names of diseases that have hit the world, namely:

Yersinia pestis

One of the pandemics came from the country of Egypt. Staying in the Mediterranean Sea this pandemic is spreading fast. This spread also occurred due to several rats being exposed to the bacteria roaming the ship. The outbreak of this disease did not wait long for many continents to be affected by yersinia pestis. Even now, many research parties have not found a cure for the yersinia pestis virus.

a pandemic for which there is no cure//virus

Black death

One of the pandemics that caused many people to die. There are two hundred souls who died due to the black death. Hearing this, the government made various efforts to prevent the virus from entering their territory. The sailors on the ship also have to quarantine. Many say that the black death recovery is due to the success of avoiding sick people and doing quarantine for a long time.

The great plague of London

Not only there, it turns out that the world also has a virus that is always present every twenty years. Of course, this is very disturbing to residents. To be able to avoid the virus, the government said to give a sign to patients affected by the great plague of London. Isolate yourself so you don’t get into other people, a virus that turns out to have been in London for three hundred years.


Of course, no one would have thought that smallpox was a virus that managed to kill many people. Many say that smallpox is a virus that was brought directly from ancient times to today. Even though it is very deadly, chickenpox has received a vaccine. It took quite a long time to be able to get chickenpox medicine. The first virus to get a cure. It took about two hundred years to get a smallpox vaccine.


A virus that spreads through drinking water. Cholera is a pandemic that kills many people. When knowing the cause of death, a doctor suggested replacing the source of drinking water. It’s easy to get infected with cholera because the water is not clean and makes many people infected with cholera. To prevent this, the government has replaced drinking water and made repairs to drinking water channels.