Festivals in the State of Qatar

Festivals in the State of Qatar

Festivals in the State of Qatar

In any country, of course, various festivals will be held, of course, including Qatar. A Festival is a celebration that reflects the customs or culture of a country. Of course, the festival will continue to be carried out by the nation’s successors every year. The following are festivals in Qatar

Kite festival
You are no stranger to the kite festival. Almost all countries feel that there is a kite festival that is held at certain events. To be able to see the kite festival, you can visit Aspire Park in Doha. It is not only the people of Qatar who carry out the kite festival, but the whole world of talented people may participate in the celebration and flying of kites.

Camel Race

Fernandovonarb – Camel racing is one of the most popular events among other events. The State of Qatar is a country that has many camels. so many there are some who propose to hold a camel race. An activity that also helps improve the health of the camels. Apart from seeing the camels racing, you can also place bets on camel racing games. March and April are camel racing months in Qatar. The prize won was a golden sword.

International Arts Festival

International art festival is an event that takes a long time. For 6 days you can enjoy the international art festival. Starting from the end of November to the beginning of December you can see the festival. There are 200 artists participating in the festival.

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Dhow Festival

This traditional katara festival brings out the iconic Arabic sailing ship for display. A ship that managed to carry sailors around the Arabian sea for several centuries. There are 70 ships provided for this festival. Not only that but there is also a fireworks display that visitors will see. If you want to try sailing, you can spend 30 minutes running a cruise ship.

International Cooking Festival

Those of you who like to cook or those of you who like to eat can come directly to Qatar to see and take part in the cooking festival. At this event, you will see the best chefs around the world will gather for this festival. For those of you who like to eat, you can try the culinary delights at the festival. There are many types of food that you can enjoy while watching the festival.