The oldest country in the world

The oldest country in the world

The oldest country in the world

The oldest country in the world became the first country to ever exist and form a government. There are many countries in the world. All about one hundred and ninety thousand countries in the world. Of the number of countries that already exist, enter their names to the United Nations. However, of course, you are curious, not which country was the first in the world.

To be able to find out about this, of course, the state association did some research. Seeing the development of the country and the establishment of the country. After doing some research and data collection, it turns out that some countries already exist. Countries that successfully follow technology and progress to become big countries.

Are you curious and want to know the name of the country? No need to worry and worry because the United Nations itself has prepared several names for the world’s oldest countries.

Here are some country names, namely:

Egypt – Fernandovonarb
Egypt is one of the oldest countries in the world. Based on historical heritage and Egyptian civilization, it existed in ancient Egypt in the year three thousand and one hundred BC. The Egyptian king Narmer also built a path on the Nile. And founded the capital city of Memphis.

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The oldest country that has existed in the year three thousand three hundred BC. India is a country that began to form in the Vedic period. The period that started basing Hinduism on the ancient Vedic writings. This makes some researchers believe that the country is the oldest in the world.


Began to be known with the arrival of semi-nomadic people. Semi-nomads are people who travel far from Central Asia. Since their presence, the culture of Afghanistan began to develop and progress.


A civilization that started during the Xia dynasty. Many think that the era of the founding of China did not start with the Xia dynasty. But this is disputed by a historian. A historian finds a book that records the existence of the Xia dynasty.


Is the oldest country that has existed in the year fifteen hundred years BC. The era is still held by 2 kingdoms, namely the kingdom of Kartli and the kingdom of Colchis.


Hearing the name Ethiopia reminds me of some of the findings from that country. The discovery of this ancient human fossil has a shape like an ape. This is what makes some researchers believe that the time of the ancestors lived long enough in Ethiopia.