The country of suicide

The country of suicide

The country of suicide

Suicide a case that was previously not too high, is now the most monitored thing. As we know that people who commit suicide are mostly those who can no longer withstand the burden of life or stress. Sometimes the case of suicide is also something that must be considered by the police. It’s not just one country that has experienced suicide. It turns out that there are already many countries that also have the same case. There are several countries with suicide cases that are also of concern to WHO.

As humans, we certainly have something called patience and a way of thinking in dealing with problems. It is the same for cases of suicide, it becomes a matter of homework for the government so that no more people die by suicide. Almost everyone will have difficulty even though they all cover it with a smile.

Country name

Fernandovonarb – There are several countries experiencing cases of suicide. When calculated, of course, there is no end so the government has recorded which countries experienced suicide cases, such as:

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Use
  • Lithuania
  • Russia
  • Sri Rare
  • Mongolia and many more


Most cases of suicide often occur because guilt and despair make some of their minds shake and eventually end their lives. Not an ordinary person who often commits suicide. But there are also some top actresses or actors who also frequently appear in suicide cases.

Do some tests//overdose

The life of a top artist and actor is the most different thing from ordinary people. But who would have thought that they also ended their lives by committing suicide? Various efforts have been made by the government to prevent suicide cases from rising. Every country has done many ways so that there is no such thing as suicide anymore.

Type of death

But it’s still a blunder. There are many different types of suicides, such as:

  • died from overdosing
  • eat poison
  • hanged oneself
  • jump from a height
  • stab yourself
  • slicing wrists and much more

To prevent this, each country has agreed to conduct a psychological test or counseling. This is done so that there are no more cases of suicide and a decrease in the number of deaths due to suicide. Appeal to every community who is experiencing problems in any mental or mental can do counseling.


Not that it’s a mental hospital. Mental hospitals and mental counseling are very different. People who are mentally ill will indeed go to a mental hospital. But for those who do counseling, they will only be asked about their problems. So they can deal with it calmly without thinking negatively.

The most important roles in preventing suicide are parents and friends. Sometimes they will pour out all their sorrows and fears to the people they trust. If you have a friend who wants to talk, listen. Don’t interrupt or vote until they have asked your opinion.

When you meet someone who looks different than before, try to ask and pay attention. Because it can also trigger people to want to commit suicide. Make him not feel alone so he realizes that there are still people who love him in life.