City Lost and not found

City Lost and not found

City Lost and not found

Lost and not found the city in the world. Do you know that in this world there are several cities that have been lost for a long time and have never been found? The disappearance can be said to be very mysterious and those who have entered the city will never be able to return. Still a mystery now.

Even though it looks like an old city, it turns out that based on records and stories, it turns out that there are several cities that have disappeared, such as:

Lost city of Z

A city whose origins and origins have never been known. Based on a story, there is a researcher who says he is going on an adventure in a city called City Z. The adventure is still mysterious because the researcher never returns from his journey. Fernandovonarb

If you like adventure, of course, you will often hear various names of places and cities that are familiar to you. In contrast, Shambala which turned out to be a lost city that until now has never been found. Some say Shambala is not just an ordinary city. But a beautiful kingdom with lotus flower decorations with lots of gems. The people who live in Shambala are primarily native people from Mesoamerica. Tribes that already exist and are very ancient.

have an abundant life//mysterious

El Dorado

The city is famous for a lot of gold. A city that has a fairly well-known name so many people are eager to go to El Dorado. Never found anywhere? A city that turned out to have a lot of gold. There is a story that says that the city of El Dorado built all cities with gold.


The city that is still missing now. Some say that the life of the ancient Tamils was in one of the southern parts of India. The city that actually existed in India. Of course, Lemuria City had until now been a mysterious place.