Stages of Work in Germany

Stages of Work in Germany

Stages of Work in Germany

Want to have income abroad because the money is more considerable and can support everyday life. Of course, you can do it if you meet the specified criteria. To become a person who can work anywhere, of course, you must have language skills. The more languages you learn, the easier it will be for you to apply for jobs anywhere. Not only are work skills enhanced, but you also have to understand language skills so you can get along with anyone. Several steps to work in Germany Stages of Work in Germany

Comply with the Terms

  • Age according to the provisions of the company
  • Latest graduates and transcripts
  • Able to speak German
  • No history of the disease
  • Have a visa to Germany
  • German translation certificate

Working hours [ Fernandovonarb ]

Usually in Germany have working hours from Monday to Saturday. The working time can be from 36 – 40 working hours. You can make a written agreement if you intend to work in Germany.

comply with all conditions//work

Don’t just work somewhere, but you have to understand how much tax you have to pay and so on. Earning income every month will still be given annual taxes. So those of you who work in Germany set aside your money on income tax for a year, around 45% for the maximum tax determined by the government.