The world is crying

The world is crying

The world is crying

The world cries without you knowing that his life is not long anymore. Every disaster that is always present is actually a sign of the world’s ills. A globe that is said to be round but not flat. Any mistakes and bad behavior can only be endured without saying anything.

The world began to be formed from a creation that ALMIGHTY is truly beautiful and cannot be counted. The ALMIGHTY decorates beautifully and makes the world come alive. Don’t forget to also provide a pair of humans to develop the world for the better. Year after year the age of the world is increasing. We will not know when the age of the world will end.

Starting to weaken

Fernandovonarb – Did you know that the world endures pain every time you take and open the belly of the world? Maybe you think this can help improve and develop the technology. If you use a little it’s not a problem. The world will get sicker if we continue to take it.

The body that began to weaken made a lot of turmoil of pain that kept coming. Seeing human ignorance makes the earth just surrender and can’t do anything. There are many disasters that we cannot avoid. So many people experience death and lose their families.


many disasters keep coming//sick

Seeing the greed of humans makes the ALMIGHTY angry. Giving a warning to humans not to hurt the world. Various types of human ways to beautify the world. Form a beautiful city with a beautiful setting. Happy and sad at the same time. If the world could speak, the world would not experience pain.

Seeing the calamity that kept coming made the world shake violently. The sound of incessant crying continues to echo every moment. I want to run away and leave it all behind. But what power they can only sit down and try.

The disasters that make the world feel pain and cry are:

Mount Eruption and many more
The cries continue to make my heart break when I hear them. Hope all the pain that the world feels can go away and smile again.