Relics of world history

Relics of world history

Relics of world history

The heritage of world history is very diverse. Lots of stories and long history make the building a building that has story that makes many people curious and visit. There are so many heritage places that have also become world stories.

Maybe for those who like to travel and travel, they can visit historic world heritage sites. Ordinary people maybe can just look through the media. But if the goddess of fortune is with us, maybe she can get us a free vacation by taking a walk in historical buildings.

Visit and see the world heritage

Fernandovonarb – Who would refuse if they could take a vacation in an exciting and fun place? Of course, you will be immediately accepted and screamed hysterically. Come on, before waking up from the dream, let’s visit places – places of world historical heritage, namely:


One type of painting became a popular and expensive historical relic. Paintings made by Leonardo da Vinci are able to make painting lovers scramble to collect and display them in a special place. The price offered for the Mona Lisa painting is fourteen trillion.

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Giza sphinx statue

The Sphinx of Giza is a relic of a historic building in Egypt. From the shape of the building, you can see the human head and the body of a big cat. Seeing this uniqueness makes many people curious and visit Egypt. Even the seekers of historical relics also came to see and examine the buildings on the Giza Sphinx statue. Judging from the building, the Sphinx is very old, almost four thousand five hundred years ago, this building was already in Egypt.


A mysterious building where there are circular stones on a hill with several stones piled up as a stone cover. One of the relics still has a mysterious story that has not been solved. If you look at the pile of stones, it has become a monument that has the longest age of five thousand years, and it already exists.


The pyramids are Egyptian buildings that are also historical relics in the world. The pyramids called the pyramids of the sun and Teotihuacan are signs of the existence of the Aztec and Inca culture. The culture that first appeared with many amazing historical stories.


When you see a Roman film, you will be reminded of the historic Colosseum building. The building has succeeded in becoming a silent witness to the battle of life and death. Buildings that existed during the time of the Roman emperors. The Colosseum leaves stories of the history of the struggles and deaths of many great and strong fighters.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls or better known as the Dead Sea Roll. The writing is still readable even though the document is a bit damaged. The color of the paper that has turned yellow with the writing that is still a little clear looks old. Judging from the form and writing of the document, it has been around for a long time around BC in the year two hundred BC.
Wall of China
The Chinese wall is the longest wall in the world. Strong and sturdy walls can block the enemy from entering.There have been many stories about the history of the Chinese wall circulating in society and the world.
Candi Borobudur
A temple that has a high value because of its historical story. Candy, which has an old and repaired building, entered UNESCO in the 8th to 9th centuries.