Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

Even though Uruguay is the second smallest nation in the United States, there are still tourist attractions that you must visit. Usually, tourist attractions that have never been touched by many people will be cleaner. Many tourist attractions in Uruguay have come so far, especially since every year the number of tourists continues to increase.

De Los Pocitos Beach

beaches in Uruguay certainly have a different atmosphere and of course, Pocitos beach is no less interesting so many tourists come to that location. Near Pocitos there are many high-rise buildings that can be rented even if only for a few days. On this beach, there are lots of people who play volleyball and some even swim. Fernandovonarb

Del Sauce Lagoon

Within the Uruguayan countryside, there is an astonishing panorama. In the Lagoon del Sauce, you can see a beautiful atmosphere in the afternoon by boat. It seems normal but the number of visitors who come here every year continues to grow. Maybe because this place is a place for surfers and fishing that many people like it.

Salto del Penitente
Want to see big and sturdy rocks in Uruguay? You can try hanging on the rope that has been provided. Or the clambing attraction that you want to feel when you are in Salto del Penitente. If you don’t have high courage in climbing, all you have to do is enjoy the water flowing in the valley.

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El Aguila
the name El Aguila is not an animated name but this name is a beach in Uruguay. This coastal area has soft sand and a nice color.

La Escollera
a paradise for fishing lovers is in La Escollera. Of course, it has reached the goal of many people who bring their equipment to complete. If you don’t like fishing, you can take advantage of the opportunity while at La Escollera to enjoy the scenery around the coast until late at night. The more the sun will set, the more people will come.