The Richest city in the world

The Richest city in the world

The Richest city in the world

Hi Bestie, have you ever imagined that all over the world, which has many countries, also have different incomes? Every year there will be several assessments showing the Richest city in the world. The data that is obtained is very accurate and personal which is the reason for the formation of the Richest city in the world.

Maybe all of you are curious about how to assess a city. To assess the city of course from the side of each city. To determine whether the city is comfortable or not can be seen from several data such as cash, property, and others. Of course, not everyone knows about a city that has a lot of wealth.

Some of the names of cities that have a lot of wealth in the world are:

America City – New York Fernandovonarb
Have a lot of funds for survival. Able to strengthen the position and help entrepreneurs to get a lot of profit.
The land of Sakura is beautiful and also beautiful. Tokyo is a city center that is often the subject of discussion for Tokyo fans. Has a lot of prices – prices are quite high which can make the city of Tokyo a big city.


It is also the Richest city in the world. A city that managed to make many residents safe and calm. If entrepreneurs can develop businesses in Beijing
It is also one of the modern and advanced cities. Shanghai city is also known as the financial city of China. So that a lot of entrepreneurs open the stock exchange in shanghai.

a city that gives a lot of advantages//Shanghai
San Francisco bay area

A big city with a high cost of living makes many billionaires also like every facility provided. The city level continues to rise made San Francisco a city that can almost approach New York. In San Francisco, there is a house with a model that is sophisticated and expensive. Its sophistication makes successful entrepreneurs eager to have a sophisticated home model in San Francisco
Mumbai, which comes from India, is also one of the Richest cities in the world. Who would have thought that the city of Mumbai became the city that has the name of the Richest city in the world? Things that thrive in Mumbai are financial, stock, and media experts in Mumbai.

Hong Kong

Get into a big city by learning Mandarin. Hong Kong is an advanced city with a high and fast level of development. The city which is also included in the list of the richest in the world has a high aspect in the form of a capital or stock market.
Beautiful city with beautiful views. London is where many successful entrepreneurs have succeeded in making the city of London the Richest city in the world. Even though it is experiencing a crisis, the city of London is still strong and habitual.
A city that continues to grow and can almost match other developed cities. Houston is a member of the Richest city in the world. Maybe many are confused about the city of Houston. The city of Houston is a city that is a major sector. The main sectors are gas, oil, biotech, and others. This is what keeps Houston going.
Entering Chicago don’t be surprised by all kinds of jobs available. Different types of jobs and also many employers continue to increase Chicago’s high power.