the most comfortable city in the world

The most comfortable city in the world

The most comfortable city in the world

The world’s most comfortable city in every place and the environment will be different and never the same. Just like those who like a comfortable and quiet life, of course, they will not want to live in a city that can and a lot of noise. Some so many people who want to live in the city of their dreams. But it is not easy. Especially if the dream is felt abroad. It can be said that it is impossible but it is real. Some people can go to the city of dreams because of work and pleasure. The most comfortable city in the world

Comfort can make many people feel at home and want to continue to stay. This is certainly an effort so that residents do not move and can enjoy some of the facilities that have been provided in every place. You are not curious about the cities that can provide comfort. The following is a list of the most comfortable cities in the world:

Austria – Vienna

Fernandovonarb – Vienna or better known as Vienna. Vienna is the capital of Austria. Based on the results of the survey, the city of Vienna is the most comfortable in the first rank. Much of the population is growing because of the environment and the cost of living. The low cost has complete facilities such as health, education, and others.

Japan – Osaka

Osaka is a city that provides a lot of comfort for those starting in the Osaka neighborhood. Friendly residents with all needs can be enjoyed in Osaka. Osaka also has its characteristics, namely having various types of delicious cuisine, and can make visitors continue to add.

friendly people//fresh and beautiful

Australia – Sydney

Being one of the cities that also provides a lot of comforts and also the level of life is very friendly. If you visit Sydney, you can try to enter the Sydney opera place. The opera standing by the sea has become a Sydney icon.

Australia – Melbourne

Melbourne is also very comfortable and welcoming. Friendly citizens with a modern attitude, and have the freedom to choose religion. Melbourne became the most comfortable city not only because of the freedom of choice but from the level of Education. Health and the shape of the city make Melbourne a city that is almost close to a completely comfortable city.

Japan – Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. A city that has facilities that are not inferior to other countries. A modern city also has a good level of education, friendly hospital services, and much more.

Canada – Vancouver

A city that has beautiful and fresh tourist attractions. One of them is a beautiful beach that managed to sway the tourists. In addition to Vancouver Beach, it also has beautiful parks, museums, malls, and much more.

Canada – Calgary

Visiting Canada don’t forget to stop by Calgary. Has a unique building shape. It has a strong culture and the environment in Calgary is very friendly. There are tourist attractions that can be visited, namely national parks and lakes.

Denmark – Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. To be able to live in Denmark must be prepared with a lot of funds, the cost of living is very high with some good and best facilities make people living in Denmark secure. Copenhagen is also known as the city of art. The city has many art galleries with beautiful sculptures and the carvings and scratches on each painting are very beautiful. If you are walking around, you can use a free bicycle owned by the Danish government.