Some about the ancient earth

Some About The Ancient Earth

Some About The Ancient Earth

Some are about the ancient earth much that we still do not know about the core of the earth. Only based on basic science that says that the earth is round. But we do not know whether the earth has a purple color or not. Maybe for those of you who have studied high and have taken the long path of education, you may not know it.

There are so many things that are always a question for people who are curious about the earth. Maybe many do not think that in the past hundreds of years the earth has had many hidden secrets. Many experts are still researching the earth. They wonder how the earth can produce a beautiful work that is unexpected by humans.

Earth is purple

Fernandovonarb – There is a scientist who said that the purple earth was taken not from leaves or trees. Rather an element that is around the earth. If you look at the earth from up there, it’s actually green to blue. Which green color is obtained from the color of plants and trees?

In addition to finding out the color of the earth, it turns out that there are some scientists who are curious about the creatures on the seabed. There are so many discoveries that are often found by scientists. None other than these discoveries there are several ancient creatures from ancient times. Lots of divers are trying to find new things in the ocean.

some interesting discoveries//particle

Wind sound

The strangeness that you can also find from the sound of the sand starting to sing. Sand is a tiny invisible particle. You can hear the song of sand when the grains of sand rub against each other.. As a result of the wind blowing the sand, some people are always afraid of the sound at night.

Exploding lake

Friends, you know that in the world apart from mountains there are also lakes. Maybe all this time you know that Mount Eruption can produce hot lava and the air is full of smoke. But what about the Erupting lake? Lake Eruption is the most serious thing that many people have to deal with.

The Erupting Lake will produce some lethal gas content out kill many people. Many people died due to the eruption of Lake Nyos.