Hell's Gate

Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate

Have you ever come and see the gates of hell in person? Those of you who want to see the gates of hell, which many people mean as a mysterious place, can go to the middle of the Karakum desert. Yes, Darvaza Crater is a mysterious place for many people. Indeed, natural gas fields will always exist in this place, so it’s no wonder why there are so many tourists who just take pictures and research. Hell’s Gate

The crater which has a depth of up to 30 meters until now will never run out. The origin of the gates of hell is not from the beginning. But there are people who drill to make a well and then fill it with gas through a hole. But in reality, their thoughts are not the same as reality. Precisely the fire continues to this day. Fernandovonarb Initially, it was estimated that the fire would stop on its own if left in a few days after the fire started. But the second thought was broken again with reality.

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Although the place became a lot of fire and can not be extinguished there are advantages as well. There are many producers who take videos or make films on fire activity. The gate of hell that many people know is actually in the Dewerze crater, Ahal province. Have you ever intended to go there? If so, then you just look for the city of Turkmenistan. If you go there, ask the people around there, you will definitely know the doors of hell. Because the local people gave the name.