Egypt Tourist Attractions

Egypt Tourist Attractions

Egypt Tourist Attractions

Egypt, which is famous for the Sphinx Pyramids, turns out to have other exciting tourist attractions. You can see not only deserts or sand but there are also rides for games and even dive sites. Want to enjoy the natural beauty that is in Egypt, don’t forget you have to know in advance in detail where you are going.

  1. Karnak Temple
    Karnak temple is the most historic temple. Many tourists only come to Egypt to see the Karnak temple. Temples that have existed for hundreds of years certainly make tourists look so Keppo.

The Karnak temple is so wide, reaching 250 thousand square meters, that it was not surprising at that time. Where the building is the grandest and largest building of its time. Because the building is so large it has an area that has been divided.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is a temple located in the village of Abu Simbel. If you want to go to the village of Abu Simbel you have to go to the Sudanese border. Fernandovonarb


Going to Hurghada is not just an ordinary place, tourists who want to dive or take a boat can too. Currently, in Hurghada, there are many games that you can try. In that place, there is Sliders Aqua Park, Sindbad Aqua Park, and even Jungle Aqua Park.

see the desert sands of Egypt//many historical stories

4. White Desert
If you can only see the white desert on television then you can see it live in Egypt. The vast expanse of nature will provide an interesting experience for those of you who will travel to Egypt.

Pyramids Diving Center
in Egypt of course there are places to dive and see the water in the sea. Those of you who are eager to see what fish and what the atmosphere of the seawater in Egypt is like, please visit this place.