5 Tours In Cambodia

5 Tours In Cambodia

5 Tours In Cambodia

La Plantations
to the pepper gardens in Cambodia is of course an interesting place. Various tourist attractions make many visitors amazed. Lots of mountains surround gardens and parks. The uniqueness of La Plantation does not end there, because there is a pepper cafe that will sell various types of pepper. In the garden, there are lots of beautiful gardens that you can see and enjoy. Of these beautiful plants, there are many types of pepper plants that you can bring as souvenirs.

Tuol Seng Genocide Museum and Killing Field.

The Tuol Seng Genocide Museum is a place that has given fear and sadness to many people. Before becoming a museum, it turned out to be a place of mass murder. In this museum, it turns out that there are still many skulls and graves of millions of people. If you want to learn about the story of Cambodia, you can go to this museum. Fernandovonarb


Heading to Sihanoukville certainly takes up to 4 hours if you start from Phnom Phen. Many visitors enjoy the trip even though the distance is far. Later it will pay off with a cool beach atmosphere, then continue with a clean stretch of sand.

Phonm Kulen National Park

see relics of antiquity//amazing

Mount Kulen has a waterfall which is highly sought after by tourists. On Mount Kulen, there is history that tourists need to know. Where the ancient Khmer empire proclaimed its independence at that time from Java. On Mount Kulen, there are lots of shrines that are easy to access.

  1. Bayon Temple
    The historic temple in Cambodia is the Bayon Temple. This temple is unique where there are hundreds of faces engraved in the corners of the temple. The faces carved on the temple walls are smiling faces. Many say that the face in the temple is the face of the Cambodian king Jayayarman VII.